Caption Head - Ja'Malh Wallace

no photoJa'Malh Wallace
Caption Head

Currently residing in Ohio, Ja'Malh returns to Pioneer for a second season and is incredibly excited begin his first season on the Design Team and as Color Guard Caption Head. Ja'Malh has been a performer and artist for over 16 years, his background includes theater, voice, dance, improvisation, and the marching arts. As a marching arts entertainer he has performed with the winter guard, Onyx (OH) beginning in 2008 (WGI Independent World Class Finalist) and then returned to the group for the 2012-2015 seasons (WGI Independent World Class Silver or Gold medalist). The 2016 season marks his 6th year marching with this premier organization.

As marching art instructor and choreographer, Ja'Malh returned to for a 2nd season to work with Fairborn High School marching band (OH) as a visual writer. This fall, he worked with the McNeal High School Color Guard (Austin, TX) and will be designing movement for their 2016 winter production as well. During 2015 season at Pioneer he worked with the color guard as a dance & equipment designer and technician and also as part of the visual staff. Ja'Malh has also been on movement staff at O2 Color Guard (OH) during the 2011-2013 seasons. And he is excited to be a part of the O3 Color Guard (OH) staff for 2016 WGI season.