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Roman Blenski Interview - Part 1

Part 1 of the interview with Pioneer Executive Director Roman Blenski appeared in the January 2012 edition of the on-line magazine, Drum Corps World. The follow-up part 2 was included in the February 2012 issue. You can sign up for a FREE subscription by going to www.high-velocity-media.com. As each issue is released, you'll receive an e-mail reminder that the newest magazine is ready to view or you can go to the Web site at any time to view any issues dating back to May 2011 when the publication first appeared on the Internet.


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Pioneer on Twitter

pioneerdbc Good luck to our friends @cadets2 @cadets at DCA championships today! Have a great show! http://t.co/pA0CsD8bVq
pioneerdbc The first Milwaukee camp is January 9th-11th. Additional satellite audition events will be announced later this fall! #DCI2015 #PIO2015
pioneerdbc In case you missed it, we announced our Milwaukee camp dates earlier this week. Check them out: http://t.co/QRfexyS9aT #DCI2015 #PIO2015

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