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Pioneer Featured in Milwaukee Newspaper

Pioneer is proud to be featured in today's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.  This story is part of "Vanishing Wisconsin," an occasional series that takes a closer look at traditions, occupations, cultures and icons that make up the fabric of Wisconsin life but are on the verge of disappearing.  This great article includes a handful of pictures from the 50th Anniversary Reunion & Celebration, a lot of great quotes, and helps to raise awareness of the corps in the Milwaukee area.


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Pioneer on Twitter

pioneerdbc Good luck to our friends @cadets2 @cadets at DCA championships today! Have a great show! http://t.co/pA0CsD8bVq
pioneerdbc The first Milwaukee camp is January 9th-11th. Additional satellite audition events will be announced later this fall! #DCI2015 #PIO2015
pioneerdbc In case you missed it, we announced our Milwaukee camp dates earlier this week. Check them out: http://t.co/QRfexyS9aT #DCI2015 #PIO2015

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